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You are warmly invited to join the co-founders of The Life Design Lab for Women Leaders for our weekly Live leadership show.   In this Live show we explore the BIG questions that are at the core of our lives and work as women leaders.  We broadcast Live from our Facebook page each Thursday at 12.30PST.  You can find all our episodes on this page and if you click 'Join our Community' you'll find our home on Facebook where you can tune in Live.  With appreciation, Morna and Kim

Episode One: How do we create a life that works?  Join us for our inaugural episode where we share why we're doing this show, why you should tune in and what's coming up.  Here's to creating a life that works! With appreciation, Kim and Morna

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Episode 2 - Navigating Life

This week we be explored how to skillfully navigate this thing we call Life. How can we more consciously direct our own course? What instruments, maps and guides do we need? How can we spend more time in the driver's seat of our own life?

Episode 3 - Being Present

This week we responded to a viewers question: ''As a mom of four I rarely feel truly connected to the moment I’m in' and "How do you set aside everything that’s waiting offstage and focus on the one moment in front of you?"  


You are invited to join our powerful global membership community for women like you...

Welcome!  We're so glad you're here!

We see the work you're doing in the world – you’re on a mission to use your life to make a difference.  Thank you.

As women, we’re being called to step up like never before. 


We know that sometimes (ok often!) it can feel like one step forward and then giant steps backwards.  The to-do list isn’t getting any shorter.  Sometimes, maybe often, our lives and the scale of our work feels overwhelming.  A never-ending fire to try and put out. 

We know that in the absence of support, simple tools and structures, our environment takes over - leaving us feeling overwhelmed, burning out and trapped in the cycle of 'go go go, crash.'

That's why we've taken the best of our learnings from working with 1000's of women leaders around the world to create a unique membership community.

A community with the sole intention of surrounding you with powerful support and tools that bring more focus, more calm, more ease and flow to our days.  A space to bring more intentional design to our lives so that we can amplify our collective impact and thrive in the process.

A space where we can gather in community as mission driven women.

A space to:

  • Tune out the noise and the 'to do's' - tune into what's most important to you.
  • Connect to who you NEED to BE, how you WANT to SHOW UP, and where you want to INVEST your precious time and energy. 
  • Reconnect to what fuels you, gives you energy - so you can be of service from a place of strength and sanity.
  • Develop the muscle to persevere in challenging times.
  • Jump off the ‘treadmill of busy' and 'overwhelm' and create more ease, calm and flow in your daily life.
  • A space to experiment and design moments, days and weeks in which you thrive.

We know for sure that to create a world in which we all thrive, we need to thrive.  

It's your time...

You are invited to join our global group of women and become one of our founding 50 members...

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