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A support community of women who care, who get it and are in it with you.

Lab Leaders Morna Haist and Kim Standeven

Join from anywhere in the world!

Kim leading her annual Authentic to the Core Retreat

Morna teaching Revolutionary Leadership at World Changing Women gathering

It's your time to thrive!

Welcome - We're so glad you're here!  

We know you're a woman who deeply cares.

Maybe it's a world-changing project.

Maybe it's showing up wholeheartedly for your family or your career or business, or your community. 

Maybe you've been feeling the nudge, the whispers and voices telling you 'it's your time' - time to show up wholeheartedly for yourself.

Maybe it's all of those things and more...

We see the work you're doing in the world – you’re on a mission to use your life to make a difference.  Thank you.

As women, we’re being called to step up like never before. 


We know that sometimes (ok often!) it can feel like one step forward and then giant steps backwards.  The to-do list isn’t getting any shorter.  Sometimes, maybe often, our lives and the scale of our work feels overwhelming.  A never-ending fire to try and put out. 

We know that in the absence of support, simple tools and structures, our environment takes over - leaving us feeling overwhelmed, burning out and trapped in the cycle of 'go go go, crash.'

That's why we've taken the best of our learnings from working with 1000's of women leaders around the world to create a unique membership community.

A community with the sole intention of surrounding you with powerful support and tools that bring more focus, more calm, more ease and flow to our days.  A space to bring more intentional design to our lives so that we can amplify our collective impact and thrive in the process.

A space where we can gather in community as mission driven women.

A space to:

  • Tune out the noise and the 'to do's' - tune into what's most important to you.
  • Connect to who you NEED to BE, how you WANT to SHOW UP, and where you want to INVEST your precious time and energy. 
  • Reconnect to what fuels you, gives you energy - so you can be of service from a place of strength and sanity.
  • Develop the muscle to persevere in challenging times.
  • Jump off the ‘treadmill of busy' and 'overwhelm' and create more ease, calm and flow in your daily life.
  • A space to experiment and design moments, days and weeks in which you thrive.

We know for sure that to create a world in which we all thrive, we need to thrive.  

It's your time...

You are invited to join our global group of women and become one of our founding 50 members...

Life Design Lab supports you to Thrive...

Women thrive in community.  Real community.

You'll become part of a global sisterhood of women who've got each others backs, sides and fronts.  You'll be connected to, inspired and uplifted by other women on the journey - women who want to fully show up to what they care about.  

No pretense, no pretending, no competition.  

It's from this space that we can remember who we are and connect to our true power and gifts.  We can pause, breathe, receive expert guidance and practical tools and the nourishment and unconditional support we crave.  

Key Lab Outcomes:

* Create your 'To Be list' - let go of overwhelm and create more calm, flow and ease in your daily life - no matter what's on the 'to do' list.

* Create your 'boundaries of conscious intention' - identify your key areas of focus so you can organize your life around your unique situation.

* Learn powerful practices and tools to help you fully show up to the things you care about.

* Build your own customized plan – strong work requires a strong foundations.

* Learn strategies and tools to more effectively manage your energy and time. 

* Get real on what trips you up and pulls you off track so we can make conscious shifts.

* Find a space to truly belong alongside a group of like-minded women who will become your lab assistants, your wise friends, your accountability team.

Laugh, cry, be messy, be you, just be without judgements.

This is your space to be celebrated, seen, heard and witnessed - A space to belong.


Here's how activities in the Lab go down...


Quarterly 4 Hour Online Workshops

Every 90 days (each quarter) we'll gather as a global community for a special day just for you.  Each 'Day for You' will focus on the unique needs of the community as it evolves and include aspects of: 

Tuning In 

You'll connect to what's important to you now and why.

Letting Go 

Tune into, be present to and let go of what grips you - the habits of mind and action that hold you back.

What do you want to create space for?  

What are your 'Big Rocks' the essential areas you want to focus on and design your life around over the coming 90 days - your health, relationships, projects, career, business and impact goals.

Taking Wise Action 

Create sane and sustainable structures and more 'wise action' in your daily life.

How do you want to FEEL?  What fuels you and gives you energy? 

We'll identify how you want to feel - create the container and offer tools to support your unique situation.  


Each month we bring your focus areas from 'A Day for You' to life.  

Each month we'll experiment with and deepen the work from 'A Day for You'.   We'll offer one Live Call each week - think of it as 'An Hour for You' (on Zoom - timing dependent on members) to receive support from us and each other.   We'll also offer a core teaching, Live Q+A and Live Coaching Clinic as the community grows.

We'll focus on three areas:

1. Who do you want to BE (what matters to you)

2. What do you want to DO (goals/containers)

3. What do you want to CREATE? (have)

WEEK 1: Community Gathering/Core Teaching

Community Gathering and Core Teaching/Tools.

WEEK 2: Community Gathering/Live Facebook Q+A

Community Gathering and live Facebook Q+A so you can get unstuck and keep moving forward.

Week 3:  Community Gathering/Live Coaching Clinic

As part of our weekly community gathering we'll offer a live Coaching Clinic where selected members will have the opportunity for live 'hot seat' coaching with Kim and Morna and guest faculty throughout the year.

WEEK 4: Community Gathering/Community Day

We'll share key learnings from the community and invite you to share your monthly wins, transformations, experiments.  We'll share videos, pictures and make our transformations visible.


Each week we'll guide you through an intention setting process and focus on an essential practice to create more calm, flow and ease in your week.


Expert Guidance and Fierce Community Support 

Life Design Lab is led by experts in the field of personal transformation and women's leadership.  Between them Morna and Kim have worked with 1000's of female leaders and they know what works and what doesn't.  

You'll also receive:

Private Members Website 

Where you can access all Lab recordings, tools, worksheets and workshops.

You'll be welcomed into our global family and 24/7 friendship and support  

The Lab will be open in our Facebook Group 24/7.  

You'll be encouraged to inspire the community with the work you're doing in the world - promotion is pride!  

Access support, spirited conversations, receive feedback and plenty of virtual hugs.

To get the most out of your Lab experience Kim and Morna recommend

1. Founding 50 Members agree to invest 6 months minimum in the membership community.

2. To experience maximum results in the Lab we recommend investing a minimum of 1 hour per week.  We've designed the structure of the Lab to fit into your already full life.

3. By joining the lab you're making a commitment to your life - so the key to seeing results is to show up fully.

We cut through the noise - so you don't have to.

Plus our 50 Founding Members receive these bonuses:

Online Letting Go Program - Led by Kim - Valued at $397

Break through the mindset and biological barriers that hold you back.

You'll learn the 5 step system to loosen and let go of what binds you and create space for what matters.

Tuning In Process - Led by Morna - Valued at $497

Learn a powerful process to connect to your full intelligence, the wisdom of your mind and body, make wiser decisions.

Introducing your Lab Leaders
Morna Haist and Kim Standeven

Morna teaching Revolutionary Leadership at World Changing Women's inaugural event 

Kim leading her annual Authentic to the Core retreat

Expert guidance and powerful tools that work!

Led by real women for real women, Morna and Kim have have trained, coached and mentored 1000's of changemaking women.  Women from different countries, backgrounds, experiences - women with vital work to do in the world.  

Their work together is grounded in self awareness, self compassion and wholeheartedness - an invitation to tune in to your inner wisdom so you can more fully show up for yourself, your relationships and the work that brings you to life.

Both Morna and Kim are expert facilitators, coaches and designers of transformational experiences.  They created Life Design Lab because they believe that women are the changemaking force of our time.  They are committed to being part of the movement that's transforming how we live and work as women - the next revolution for women.  

Their work is informed by the lived experience of 1000's of changemaking women - they know what works and what doesn't and are committed to cutting through the noise to offer simple, proven tools and practices that work.  

Creating a space that empowers you to let go of what doesn't serve you and create your own definition of what a 'good life' and 'good work' looks like and feels like.  

You can read more formal bios here:

Morna Haist

Kim Standeven

What women say

Huia Minogue - Director of Fresh Marketing, Social Activist 

"Morna is a talented, creative force for change.

Training with Morna gave me my first vision of how to live “my best life” and her authentic support, humor and example helped me create a reality where I participate in working for a better world, am present for my family, enjoy time for my passions, and steer a successful marketing career."

Leah McDonald - Leader at Westjet

"Kim knows exactly how to help you find answers within yourself, and determine your own path.

Kim creates a space for openness and honesty- she helps you search for your potential and pulls it out. I can't say enough about Kim as a coach, a facilitator, a mentor - take my word for it, she is amazing.  Your only regret will be that you didn't meet her sooner."

Susan Bailey - Co-President at New Zealand Playcentre Federation

"Morna has a unique and powerful way of leading and teaching transformation cultivated through years of personal development and practice in the change making world.

She is a real person, nonjudgmental, accepting and open which in turn creates space for her students to show up just as they are and reveal their true wisdom.  If you are a woman changemaker wanting to step into your true power in the world and make the difference you were born to make – you need to work with Morna."

Jenn Horrocks - Leader at Live Different

"Kim is an expert at helping clients dig deep to find who they truly are and what they value most.

This type of personal discovery is so important for employees, leaders, parents, spouses and anyone who is interested in growing as a person.

After a conversation with Kim, I'm always left feeling a greater sense of clarity and focus. Her wisdom, observations and practical tools have helped me grow in my workplace and family relationships."


Ready to make 2019 the best year yet?  Then jump in fast...

Once our initial 50 spaces are filled (and they are filling fast!), we'll be increasing the membership investment to $89 per month and 997 per year.  

When you accept our invitation to become one of the Founding 50 you'll receive a special discounted price of:

$49 per month or $490 annual (an additional 2 months on us!).  

AND your membership price will NEVER INCREASE as long as you continue to be a member.  What are you waiting for?




For the Founding 50 Members only we're offering a special monthly payment of $49.  For members who join after the Founding 50 spaces are filled, the monthly investment will be $89. As a gift for becoming one of our founding members, your monthly payment will be $49 for the life of your membership!

And you'll receive 2 amazing bonuses valued at $900

Plans are charged in Canadian Dollars.  Your first month's charge is prorated from the sign up date.  Monthly billing occurs on the 1st of each month.

  • Letting Go - Online course with Kim
  • Tuning in - Online workshop with Morna




Pay in full for your first year and we'll throw in 2 months on us!  For the Founding 50 Members only we're offering a special annual investment of $490.  The annual subscription will be more for members who join after the founding 50 spaces are filled - but not for you.  Your annual subscription will remain at $490 for the life of your membership!

And you'll receive 2 amazing bonuses valued at $900

Plans are charged in Canadian Dollars.  Your plan will automatically update on the anniversary of your enrollment.

  • Letting Go - Online course with Kim
  • Tuning in - Online workshop with Morna  




Simple, fast and effective flexible move

  • Working time 24/7 all days
  • Max 15 team members
  • Free assets





Simpler, faster and more effective move. Best affordable option

  • Working time 24/7 all days
  • Max 17 team members
  • Premium assets




The simplest, most effective move. Exclusive option, premium features

  • Working time 24/7 all days
  • Max 25 team members
  • Instant access

When it's your time - you know it!

We can't wait to welcome you to this community of women saying yes to creating a space to Thrive - A space for us all to Bloom together.

If you have questions, or want to chat with us about joining - click below to connect with us on Facebook Messenger...

@mornahaist or @kimberlystandeven

With appreciation and Love, Morna and Kim x

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